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Excel made easy!
Dashboards, Pivot tables, and powerful Analysis Tables are created with one keystroke.

A new paradigm to analyze your data, including amazing tools to standardize and clean your tables.

QuickRows turns you into an Excel pro in seconds, improving dramatically your skills to solve advanced tasks.

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Data analysis
Advanced tools one-click away
Being an Excel expert or an apprentice, it makes no difference: you want results when digging or mining your data: totalization, visualization, consolidation, fragmentation, or standardization.


Astonishing results in seconds. Professional dashboards including slicers, buttons, charts, and KPI's, are one click away from your listings. 


Forget about building your PT's, selecting and building your charts, creating formulas to show your KPI's, or applying filters to show what you want.


QuickRows does all the complex tasks involved in the construction of such reports.

Analysis Tables
Visualize and combine your data almost magically. No more XLOOKUP, INDEX-MATCH formulas, or POWER QUERY to solve your most common data analysis and maintenance requirements.

With a single keystroke, QuickRows adds slicers, column totals, and amazing features to perform advanced analysis inside your table, so you can dig deeper and extract your information in seconds.
Pivot Tables
ne-click to sub-totalize any listing. 

Select the column(s) to trigger the totals by Row and Column, and click. In seconds, you get a Pivot Table professionally formatted, 
including slicers and filters. 

Repeat the action with any other column(s) selection to create a second Pivot Table. Now you have a superior analytical tool to totalize and segment your data.  You can create any amount of PT's  to squeeze your listing, in seconds.
Automatic totalization
ust double-click any column header cell to obtain amazing information: count of rows, count of different values or texts, count of empty cells; and, if the column contains numeric data: sum, max, min and average values.
One-click selection
ouble-click any cell to get an instant new tab with all the rows matching the same value in your original listing.
Standardization & cleansing tools
Powerful data selection, merging, consolidation and deduplication
dentify the duplicated rows in a listing according to your desired criteria (using one or more columns). You can decide either to group and mark the duplicated rows or to eliminate them.

You have also the choice to subtotal the numeric columns when deduplicating your listing. 
reate consolidated lists including all the data from multiple sheets; no matter if their column structure is different. QuickRows identifies and aligns automatically the columns according to their column header descriptions.

The output table includes all the rows in all the consolidated sheets, adding references to the source workbook and worksheet.
Merging or linking tables
nrich the content of your data by bringing useful information from auxiliary tables using common column data.

For example, pull the 'Geographical Region' from your Customers table into your Invoices listing, using the customer code, which is a common element in both tables. This information is aggregated in new columns for each matching client. Now you will be able to create Invoices subtotals by 'City' or 'State'.

"Making it easier would be harder..."

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One-click to create Professional Dashboards
Click on the image to see QuickRows in action
One-click to create Tables for Advanced Analysis 
Click on the image to see QuickRows in action
One-click to create Pivot Tables w/slicers
Click on the image to see QuickRows in action
One-click to get Totals by Column
One-click selection & copy of rows into a new sheet
Easy data standardization & cleansing
Linking and Merging
Easy & powerful Data Consolidation
What our users say about QuickRows:
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'A truly elegant & powerful application'

'This tool is, ... is different' 

'The perfect hammer for data mining'

'Nice job; congratulations'

'Microsoft should include this approach'

'If my boss sees this, I'm dead...'

'A Pivot table with a double-click? This is amazing...'

'Making it easier would be harder...'

'Never imagined this simplicity'
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